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CCAA / DGSN : Agree to jointly step up security in airports.

edgar_dakole As a major guarantor of aviation safety and security in cameroon , the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) has just signed a partnership convention geared toward tightening up Security in Cameroonian airports.

The premises of the Ministry of Transport Wednesday 19th April 2006 witnessed a crowd of press men and guests from the General Delegation of National Security (DGSN) the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Transport under whose auspices the Partnership convention between the CCAA and the DGSN was signed on behalf of the CCAA.

At about 10:00 am that morning, participants directors and sub directors of the CCAA, the Ministry of Transport and Police Officers from the DGSN present at the Ministry's conference room rose to their feet at the arrival of the Delegate General of National Security Edgar Mebe Ngo'o and the Minister of Transport, Dakole Daissala. The presence of the General Manager of the CCAA Mr SAMA JUMA Ignatius was of course imperative as he was a cosigner. Upon arrival of the Minister of Transport and the Delegate General of National Security, the said partnership agreement a revised edition of the April 4th 2001 partnership convention with the police (DGSN) was signed. There after the minister delivered a speech to explain what the partnership convention was all about.

According to H.E Dakole Daissala the signing of this convention stems from the numerous acts of unlawful intervention in the air transport sector notably the 11 September terrorist attacks in the United States of America. These events he said reminded the Cameroonian government of what lapses exist in as much as aviation security whose role as catalyst to the economic and social development of Cameroon cannot be overemphasized.

Given the importance atta-ched to air transport in Cameroon and in order to adapt to the multifaceted threats to security in this sector, the head of state saw the need to sign decree no 2004/184 of July 2004 per taining to the definition and organisation of a National Civil Aviation Security programme (PNS) in Cameroon.The three main clauses of the convention, the minister continued clearly define the roles of the CCAA and the DGSN in maintaining high level security in Cameroonian airports. Two directorates at the DGSN the Directorate of the Frontier Police and the Directorate of Territorial Surveillance tasks are defined as being the filtering of passengers and their luggage in airport cabins and information gathering and dissemination to the competent authorities of the CCAA respectively.

The CCAA on her part is in charge of technically analysing information received from the Directorate of surveillance before it is disseminated to the international aviation community especially in cases necessitating a military intervention. The CCAA, the minister added is the Legal filtering authority in charge of the personnel of the DGSN. The ceremony was of course crowned with refreshment for everyone present. It is hoped that all these measures will go a long way to make Cameroon a safer and secure destination for world citizens.

Mireille Kehpu Galabe