Prime Minister visits Nsimalen International Airport’s anti-covid 19 set-up

Published: Thursday, 30 July 2020 12:15

Accompanied by the Minister of Transport, Health, Defence, the Secretary of State for Gendarmerie and the General Delegate for National Security, the Head of Government came to have a sense of the mechanism put in place as part of the relentless fight against COVID-19 in this airport on July 29, 2020.

The Prime Minister and Head of Government, Chief, Dr. Joseph DION NGUTE and the various authorities present visited the departure and arrival circuit set up for the management of passengers during this period of health crisis at Nsimalen International Airport.

On the departure side, the delegation reviewed the main lobby, the check-in area, the screening station, the emi-immigration station, the boarding room... As for the arrival circuit, the health checkpoint, the emi-immigration checkpoint, and the baggage delivery area were visited by this strong delegation, which at every turn, received explanations from the security, border health or airport officials.

The Prime Minister was also able to appreciate the procedures and facilities put in place by the various structures involved in this fight at the airport platform to ensure the safety and health of all.

All along the passenger circuit, compliance with government directives was generally noted. For example, health teams were present to disinfect hands, take temperatures with the help of thermo-flashes, and sanitation workers were on hand to ensure non-contamination.

The Prime Minister was given an account of the measures that are taken as soon as passengers disembark from the plane, namely, document control, control of tests with COVID-19 that are less than 3 days old, the procedure for submitting to the test for those whose tests exceed 3 days or who do not have any tests and the disinfection of baggage. The Prime Minister expressed confidence in the system put in place. A sign that promises a better tomorrow for Cameroonian skies and air transport as it prepares for a resumption of air transport. This, for the good of all, while safeguarding thorough health security.