A software tool for detecting items allowed in cabins used by the CCAA at our airports

Published: Monday, 19 April 2021 15:38

This tool has been installed and implemented to improve screening operations in 2019 at Douala International Airport and in 2020 at Yaounde-Nsimalen International Airport.

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It aims to automatically detect, thanks to X-rays, any dangerous item that cannot be detected by a simple search, during screening operations by CCAA's airport operational security officers.

It is in line with the security measures implemented by CCAA and it is also a facilitation measure for travelers. Thanks to this software, cabin baggage handling system shall henceforth be time-saving.

For example, 181 bags will now be handled in one hour. That is, three bags per second. 600,000 thousand luggages have been handled using this system since the installation of this software at both airports.

This software is the result of a partnership between the CCAA and an Israeli company.