Airline licensing and maintenance on the menu of "AERIAL TUESDAYS"

Published: Wednesday, 25 August 2021 14:07

The second session of the concept "Aerial Tuesdays" has taken place Tuesday, August 17, 2021 in a video conference and the presentation focused on the issuance of air operator licenses and maintenance.


It emerged that any company wishing to operate as an air carrier in Cameroon, must first obtain an air operator's license (AOL) and an air operator's certificate (AOC) issued by the CCAA.

The AOL is therefore the document that authorizes a company to carry out the air transport of passengers, mail and/or cargo for remuneration, as specified in the license.

Moreso, its delivery is governed by the following regulatory text:

- Decree N° 2003/2031/PM of 2003 relating to the exercise of the profession of air carrier in Cameroon;

- Instruction N° 000355/CCAA/DG/DSA relating to the acquisition of the title of air carrier and

- the OHADA code

Therefore, the operating license is issued to a company by the CCAA, if, after evaluation of certain information and required documents, it is found that all regulatory requirements in force are met.

It should be noted that, the viability and profitability of the company are critical elements taken into account when evaluating the documents.

Also, based on the provisions of Chapter 4, article 10 and paragraph 14 of the aforementioned decree and instruction, the CCAA carries out technical and economic controls (continuous monitoring) on national companies in order to ensure that the air transport activity is carried out according to the accepted safety practices.

NB: Find all the laws, decrees, and circular letters related to civil aviation in Cameroon on this site. For all information on procedures and necessary documents, go to the electronic platform DASIS (Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority. Directorate of Aviation Safety Information System) (