Trainair Plus Training Developer Course (TDC) holds at the CCAA Training School.

Published: Wednesday, 06 July 2022 13:00
The Director General of the CCAA, Mrs. Paule Assoumou spouse Koki presided over the closing ceremony of this ten-day training on July 1, 2022 at the company's Training School located at the Yaoundé-Nismalen International Airport.
Conducted by an ICAO instructor, the training started on June 20, 2022. Fifteen (15) participants from Cameroon, Chad, Gabon, and Mali participated. At the end this Training Developer Course (TDC), they all received end-of-training certifications.
During the training, the trainees were equipped with the methodology for designing and developing Standardized Training Packages (STP), in accordance with the course design guide, following the Competency-Based Training Method. 
The Training Designer Course (TDC) is for aviation professionals who want to design competency-based training courses. Instructors who wish to strengthen their skills in instructor-dependent course development, managers, supervisors and training professionals who want to increase their productivity as instructional and training program developers benefit from the course too.
During the training, learners worked on applying and implementing TRAINAIR PLUS methodological standards of training development. The said standards entail several stages. They include; analyzing training needs, studying tasks and target populations, determining training objectives, sequencing objectives and grouping them into modules, preparing and validating tests, designing training modules, designing course content, and producing teaching materials. The learners also explored post-training validations.
We would recall that the CCAA Training School (EFO) became an associate member of the Trainair plus Program on September 26, 2019. The milestone was marked with a certification to Madam the Director-General of the CCAA in Montreal by Madam FANG LIU, then Secretary-General of the ICAO. This membership gives the school access to over two hundred (200) standardized ICAO training packages. More so, the School offers specialized and in-depth training in different fields of civil aviation and is open to trainees from all over the world.