Restitution of the first Rapid Result Initiative (RRI) to the CCAA

Published: Tuesday, 17 December 2019 19:24

The presentation was made by the technical secretariat of the Anti-Corruption Committee to the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority on December 12, 2019 in the presence of the Deputy Director General of the CCAA, the representative of CONAC and all the heads of structures.


It emerged clearly, that the CCAA has recorded progress in the handling of administrative, financial and technical files.

This progress is the fruit of efforts made by all the heads of structures with the support of focal points designated for this purpose since the launch of RRI in 2018.

Indeed, following the observation of certain shortcomings during the processing of files, the CCAA through its Anti-Corruption Committee has opted to set up this initiative which aims to accelerate administrative procedures within the organization to reduce delays in the processing of administrative, financial and technical files.

The aim was therefore to train managers and focal points in management techniques which would lead them to make changes and apply good practice.

To date, some of the shortcomings that once existed have been reduced and the CONAC representative Mr. Alfred ETOM, Coordinator of the National Anti-corruption Strategy congratulated the CCAA on this initiative.

It should be recalled that this event wraps up the series of activities organized by the CCAA Anti-Corruption Committee as part of the International Anti-Corruption Day which is celebrated every December 09.

This year the theme was: “Corruption: Impediment to the Sustainable Development Goals”. For three days, there were discussion to raise staff awareness of the concepts of ethics and professional conduct.