International Women's Rights Day 2020: CCAA Women in the Spotlight

Published: Tuesday, 10 March 2020 02:37

Women of the CCAA expressed their commitment and femininity during the big parade at the 20th May Boulevard in the presence of the First Lady of Cameroon Mrs. Chantal Biya. This day thus concludes the series of activities launched on Thursday, March 05, 2020, within the company.


A beautiful and colorful parade, all in unison and with the same voice, the amazons of the Cameroonian civil aviation shone by their passage during the parade, on the occasion of the 35th edition of the International Women's Rights Day.     

During this week of festivities in favour of women, several activities were held at the CCAA. These included a roundtable discussion on women's rights, coupled with an awareness campaign on uterine cancer and a presentation on uterine myomas.


In addition to these educational talks, it was also an opportunity for these brave ladies to show the social side of the corporate citizenship that employs them. In this spirit of solidarity, the women of the CCAA, organized the presentation of donations to the people living along the Yaoundé-Nsimalen International Airport: in turn, they visited the public school of Mbeloa, the Jean Bosco home, the Saint Louise de Marillac foster home as well as the Nsimalen women's association (REHFANA). In order to combine business with pleasure, the ladies gave themselves over to sports on the morning of the 06th of March at the 101 Air Base.

Thereafter, in perfect communion, the female staff surrounded by male staff shared a meal served for the occasion in a festive atmosphere around the Deputy Director General Mr. ALLABIRA Mamadou.

The latter congratulated the women for the success of this edition and praised their strong involvement in the CCAA. To date, several women work alongside men in the field of safety and security of aviation, maintenance of air navigation equipment, monitoring of aerodromes, monitoring of aviation personnel, meteorology, telecommunications etc.. While some are dog handlers or airport security agents and officers. At the CCAA, the promotion of women's rights is a priority.