Cameroon Welcomes New Airline Company

CARGOLUX has launched its inaugural flight into Cameroon today 04th of October 2017.

The age-old cargo airline launched its inaugural flight into Cameroon with its B747-400ER aircraft type which landed at the Douala international airport 8:30 am Cameroon time. 

The Luxembourg government-designated cargo airline will be exploiting traffic rights between Luxembourg and Cameroon based on a Bilateral Air Services Agreement signed on the 26th of January 2016 between the Government of Cameroon and that of Luxembourg.

This inaugural flight is the result of the airlines’ fulfillment of conditions laid down by the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority’s regulations. The CCAA which was represented at the occasion by Madame the Director General’s personal representative-Head of Air Transport Division Mr. Ritzentellar Chinanga Akkum issued CARGOLUX an authorization to operate on the 1st of August 2017.

In his inaugural speech, the chief operating officer of the Cargo airline Mr. Jeanne Patrick noted that Cameroon has significant business potentials which they cannot afford to miss out on.

He expressed gratitude to the aviation community in Cameroon for accompanying CARGOLUX through its required paper work and for its major role in upholding safety and security in civil aviation in Cameroon. 

The airline will operate 02 cargo frequencies to Douala each week from Luxembourg and is now on of the18 foreign airlines operating in Cameroon.