Training English language Test Developers at the CCAA

Training English language Test Developers at the CCAA

A training session organized by the CCAA and Latitude Aviation English Services has started on June 11, 2018 at the CCAA Training School in Yaoundé.

For 12 days, Mr. EMERY Henry trainer of ICAO approved Latitude Aviation English Services will work at strengthening the competencies of aviation personnel and staff of the language center to master the English tests development. This is a direct response to ICAO requirements which demands minimum language proficiency levels for aeronautical personnel (Flight crew, air traffic controller; search and rescue personnel) before issuance or renewal of licenses by the CCAA.

Ineffective communication due to impaired hearing or poor pronunciation can lead to misinterpretation of commands causing aircraft accidents.

This training is important for air safety in that the  mastery of aviation English alongside idioms, phonetics… could help to avoid certain incidents caused by ineffective communication.

It is expected  that qualified instructors will gain expertise to design language proficiency tests adapted to the Cameroonian environment, which will subsequently be submitted for approval to ICAO and ultimately  delivered to local aeronautical personnel.

The opening of an English-language test center at the CCAA training school is a great asset for the Central African sub-region, since it will hence  be in a position to test the English levels of aeronautical personnel  locally and enforce stricter ​​air safety.



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