AFCAC: African Civil Aviation Commission

Published: Thursday, 21 January 2010 11:53

AFCAC (African Civil Aviation Commission), baptised in Addis Ababa, forty years ago, is the specialized agency of the African Union in the field of civil aviation.

The head office is in Dakar.

The objective of the commission was to:

 •    Coordinate civil aviation matters in Africa and cooperate with ICAO  together with all other related organizations and agencies to ensure the promotion and development of civil aviation in Africa ;

•    Promote the development of the civil the aviation industry in Africa in a bid to realize the objectives of the African Union Charter in 1963 and the 1991 Treaty of Abuja ;

•    Boost the implementation of standards and recommended practices of ICAO in terms of security, safety and the consistency of air transport.

•    Investigate any specific problems that may hinder the development and operation of the African civil aviation industry and, wherever possible, take the necessary actions in coordination with Member States as the case may be.