Recording and boarding

  • Denied boarding Open or Close


    If you are denied boarding on a regular flight of an EU company, the United States or Canada from these countries for reasons related to the practice of overbooking (overbooking), the company will be required to pay you compensation.

    On the other hand, if boarding is denied on the basis of not complying with the deadline for boarding, incorrect behavior, not the booking confirmation booking or any other non-legitimate reasons, you may not be invited to any compensation.

  • Time Schedule Open or Close

    All departures and arrivals of flights are mentioned on your ticket within the slot provided for this purpose. They are part of the contract between the company and the passenger. On the other hand, schedule guides published by most airlines, airports, tour operators or Internet servers only indicative. In principle, a change of flight schedules after purchasing the ticket will (or should be) always be indicated by mail or telephone by the booking department of the carrier or the travel agency.

    As a precaution, the day before you,find out to see if the flight you shallbe taking shall still keep the same times.
    In principle, only a time delay (determined by reference to the nature or duration of the flight) will be considered.
    In addition, security concerns always take precedence over respect for punctuality, and delay due to unforeseen technical problems or weather condition in principle not give room for compensation.
    In any case, you may obtain damage only if you demonstrate that you have suffered loss because of such delay.
    If you have not yet started your journey, and the proposed new schedule does not suit you, you are entitled to reimbursement without penalty of your ticket the change is proposed by the carrier.

  • Check-in time Open or Close


    Check-in time varies widely according airports, destinations, airlines and ticket types: for the long haul, allow 1 hour 30 minutes from Cameroon before takeoff. After this time, the carrier has the right to deny boarding the passenger.

  • Stop Over Open or Close

    Only non-stop flights are without stopover. The others, including directflight always include technical stopovers (when the stopovers is carried out for reasons other than commercial, including for refueling the craft) and / or commercial (If the carrier disembarks and embarkpassengers).
    If the flight is direct (same flight number), there will be no change of company, although there may be some change of aircraft. On such occasions, the passengers may have to stay (rarely more than two hours) in the transit lounge of the airport during the stopover

  • Registration Open or Close

    This is the procedure whereby a ticket (flight tickets for traditional ticket oritinerary receiptsfor e-tickets) and an ID are presented by a passenger at the airline’s counter, at the same time when he/she deposits the checked baggage in the cargo hold for registration it is also at this time when process to chooses your seat in the plane.

    Boardingtime limitis the time beyond which passenger embarkation is no longer guaranteed. As check-in time vary widely depending on the company and destinations, take care to comply with the requirements of your transporter, and the details on your ticket or get your travel agency to specify check-in time-limits.

    Please keep the stup of your flight coupon (traditional ticket) or your boarding pass (electronic ticket) because your baggage check is clipped on it. It includes references to be considered for any incidents that may occur to your luggage (loss / damage or claim).

  • Boarding Open or Close

    Once registration formalities with the company have been completed, you should head to the departure lounge.
    To embark, you have to go through customs and / or safety controls with this card and appropriate travel documents. On international flights, if you still have a little time to embark, once within the area under custom, you can shop in the duty free shops. In the departure lounge, you must present your boarding pass to the airline staff before boarding the aircraft and taking your seat as indicated thereon

  • Boarding Pass Open or Close

    A Boarding pass is a document issued to the passenger once check-in is over. It carries the boarding gate number, the dead for boarding and seat number on board the aircraft.