Did you know?

  • Duty-free sales Open or Close


    Duty-free sales are offered in the shops of the bonded zone only for departures abroad. You can also make duty-free purchases on board airplanes on international flights.

    These sales, which are part of the tradition of air carriers, represent a right for the carrier to obtain certain products (alcohol, tobacco, perfumes and cosmetics, luxury goods, etc.) without having to pay VAT.

  • Tourism Open or Close


    In this category, any movement of more than 24 hours outside the place of usual residence, for business, leisure, and other reasons such as thermal, congress, training, salon, etc.
    If the visitor spends less than 24 hours in his place of residence, he is classified in the excursion category.

  • Health Open or Close


    Consult your doctor before flying by informing him of your holiday destination. If you are on treatment, do not forget to bring your medications in sufficient quantity and prescriptions. Check the validity of your vaccinations. It is recommended to be up to date with its vaccines against tetanus, diphtheria, poliomyelitis and yellow fever.In case of an advanced pregnancy, it is not advisable to take the plane.

    The airlines are entitled to require a medical certificate and will have to sign a discharge of responsibility.
    Rapid time lag, sudden changes in climate, temperature, food or just habits can cause significant fatigue and intestinal disorders. These disorders, which are mostly mild, should be treated with fever if accompanied by fevers. For passengers suffering from respiratory infections, with the agreement of the medical service of the carrier, oxygen cylinders are made available to those who request it.

    During the flight, due to the particular environment of the cabin (pressurization, degree of humidity, etc.), it is strongly recommended to all passengers but especially to the elderly to hydrate themselves by drinking frequently drinks Non-alcoholic drinks and to travel regularly in the cabin (or at least to massage their legs), especially during extended air travel. Babies and children should also be adequately supplied with water, even if they do not feel thirsty.

    The wearers of contact lenses should wear a bottle of artificial tears as a precaution to be instilled in the eyes if necessary in the case of short or medium distance flights. It is imperative to give preference to wearing glasses during long-term flights, in order to avoid any risk of inflammation of the cornea.

  • Waiting list Open or Close


    Sometimes the company or the travel agency cannot confirm a place on a flight because of reservations already made by other customers. If you still wish to leave on this flight, you will be able to register on the waiting list, and you will have to wait until a place becomes free.

    If in spite of everything you cannot embark, neither the agency nor the company will be responsible.

    The members of the loyalty programs of the companies are in principle priority when this happens on the lines of the carriers affiliated to these programs

  • Immigration formalities Open or Close

    For journeys made within the exclusive framework of tourist packages to destinations abroad, you need a valid passport, which will sometimes even have to be valid a few months after the date of entry into the country or your Return trip. You will also need to obtain a visa from the embassy or consulate of the country where you are traveling.

    Take into account the deadline for obtaining visas and apply one month before the date of your departure. Pre-possession of a return or continuation ticket, which must be presented to the police Entry is required by the host countries. Your company or your travel agent will provide you with any information on these points.

  • Currencies (please refer to customs) Open or Close

    Even if the amount of foreign currency that can be taken or brought from a trip is not limited, Cameroonian customs require a declaration for the sums you carry. As for take-out currencies, it is advisable to bring both credit cards, traveler's checks and liquids (used in your country of destination) in small denominations.

  • Curfew Open or Close


    Some airports can be closed for a few hours each night in order to preserve the tranquility of the local residents. In the event of a flight delay, if the flight is to land during this curfew, the aircraft can then be diverted to the nearest airport (this is very rare). In this case, the company must notify the passengers waiting at the initial airport and set up a shuttle service to drive them to the airport.

  • Montreal Convention Open or Close


    The Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air, signed at Montreal on 28 May 1999 between the Member States of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), entered into force at the international level on 4 November 2003 for the first ratifying States Parties (including Cameroon).

    The purpose of this new international convention is to modernize the legal regime governing the civil liability of air carriers for damage to passengers, their baggage and cargo during international air transport.

    It is intended to replace eventually that of Warsaw.

  • Ticket Conditions Open or Close


    They vary widely between companies and tour operators. The most important thing is to look carefully at the conditions of cancellation and modification of the ticket

  • Conditions of Carriage Open or Close


    The general conditions of carriage set out the rights and obligations of airlines and passengers and form an integral part of the contract of carriage. These conditions serve as a referent for the handling of disputes. They are the result of international or national texts and recommended practices of IATA (International Association of Air Carriers).

    The main conditions of carriage, in particular those relating to the carrier's liability (see the Montreal Convention of 28 May 1999, see the CCAA website), are also on the back of your coupons or on the envelopes accompanying them. The classic tickets either on the receipts routes for the electronic tickets. You can consult the full text of these conditions with your carrier.

  • Information Counter Open or Close


    Most airports have an information desk for passengers. Upon arrival, you will get all the information you need to reach your destination. In addition, airports provide, on request, free of charge information brochures (terminal guide, departure and arrival flight schedules, etc.).

  • Captain Open or Close


    He is the only master on board, and has authority over all persons embarked. The law also recognizes the right to disembark any passenger, animal or cargo presenting a danger to safety, sanitation, discipline or good order on board.

  • Classes Open or Close

    Some indications:

    Basically, there are three classes in aircraft:

    F: for the first class or first;

    J or C: for Business, Club or Business Class;

    Y: for economy class and M for tourist class, etc.

    However, according to the companies,