Editorial: The CCAA in the heart of the great achievements

Published: Monday, 04 May 2015 12:26

In the framework of the implementation of the policy of the great achievements of His Excellency Paul BIYA, President of the Republic of Cameroon, the Aeronautical Authority initiated in 2014, the realization of the projects conceived and elaborated since 2010.

In this respect, the upgrading of secondary airports, the preparation of the implementing texts of Law No. 2013/010 of 24 July 2013 on the civil aviation regime in Cameroon and the improvement of the Will have been central to the work of the CCAA.

As a result of bringing secondary airports up to standard, the modernization of navigation and landing equipment, rescue and fire fighting equipment (SLI), aerodrome energy and aeronautical meteorology Is a reality today. In the field of legislation, numerous draft texts implementing Law No. 2013/010 of 24 July 2013 on the Civil Aviation Regime in Cameroon, relating to aviation safety, security and facilitation Civil aviation and air transport, were developed and submitted to the hierarchy in 2014.

As for the improvement of domestic service, 2014 was marked by the resumption of Camer-co flights at Ngaoundere airport And the certification of national airline Equa2C.
The international service of Cameroon has been densified with the granting of additional frequencies to the majors (Air France, Brussels Airlines) and the timid arrival of new foreign companies like Gambia Bird and Rwand'Air.

Finally, the aeronautical authority under the impulse of the guardianship has started the process of certification of the international aerodromes of Cameroon, while the certification IOSA of the company Camair-co has started. This year we will not only consolidate the achievements but will also continue efforts to modernize Cameroonian civil aviation. Numerous aeronautical projects are envisaged, including: the implementation of a master plan for civil aviation, the modernization of communications equipment for secondary aerodromes, the acquisition of SLI vehicles for certain airports, the installation of new safety equipment On the planning, planning, organization and evaluation of an exercise to manage a civil aviation security crisis at an international airport and the launching of the construction work of the headquarters building, Aeronautical Authority.
In the field of airport security and safety, 2015 is characterized by zero tolerance.

Each actor is invited to appropriate the regulatory and legislative requirements that govern our activity. This edition of Aviation Magazine reviews some of the major events that marked the year 2014 and highlights the investments of the Aeronautical Authority at the Maroua- Salak airport.