Customs and police in school safety !

Published: Wednesday, 23 February 2011 12:42

Friday, February 18, 2011, it is 12:30 and the boarding lounge n ° 4 of the international airport of Yaounde-Nsimalen knows an unusual grouping of elements of the Police and the Customs.
The latter are not preparing to embark aboard a domestic flight as some curious think. The presence of journalists from the CRTV and Canal 2 International nevertheless suggests that a ceremony will be held there.

At 13.30 very precise, once the implementation has been carried out, the Director of Safety and Facilitation (DSF) of the Aeronautical Authority, representing the Director General of the said Structure makes its entry. The ceremony for the delivery of end-of-training certificates in fluoroscopic imaging can then begin.
Speaking for a brief speech, TADIESSE SIMO Justin, who is also an instructor of the seminar, has returned to the objective sought by the CCAA and the State of Cameroon through the regular organization of this type of qualifying training.

According to Standard 3.4.3 of Annex 17, each Contracting State must ensure that the persons responsible for inspection / screening are approved in accordance with the provisions of the National Civil Aviation Safety Program in order to ensure Reliable and systematic application of performance standards. Internships therefore constitute a prerequisite for the certification of such aviation security officers, hence their holding. In response, the Instructor indicated that the present 10-module fluoroscopic imaging training focused on the appropriate use of metal detector gantries, X-ray equipment and portable metal detectors, commonly known as Magnetometers.

Following the Instructor, the DSF invited the recipients to apply the learning outcomes received during the training. He also stressed the need for the partner administrations, in particular the Police, the Gendarmerie and the Customs, to introduce basic civil aviation security training courses in the training programs of their schools. The ceremony ended with the delivery of the parchments to the trainees.

Marc Olivier MAMIAH