The CCAA and the National Advanced School of Engineering in Yaounde (NASEY) sign an academic partnership

Published: Monday, 01 February 2021 17:27
This collaboration contract signed by the Director general of the CCAA, Mrs. Paule Assoumou KOKI and the Director of NASEY, Pr. Remy Magloire ETOUA on January 29th, 2021 at the CCAA headquarters consists in the setting up of a partnership of training, scientific and technological research and expertise in the fields of interest of the two structures.
The Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) would therefore like to rely on this great school, which has a wealth of skills for the important industrial projects of the sector.
It will therefore be a question for the CCAA to receive students from NASEY for academic internships on subjects that can help the CCAA projects to progress; and beyond the internships, the CCAA will be able to solicit students from NASEY to take part in certain projects conducted within it and, NASEY, will also intervene on the training, research and strategic development component for the CCAA in the civil aviation sector.
The NASEY will therefore provide the best students to the CCAA in case of solicitation, participate in the implementation of certain projects at the request of the CCAA and may contribute to the continuing training of CCAA workers when necessary.
It is therefore a framework of exchange of engineering students, research teachers and aeronautics professionals whose aim is to compare their theoretical knowledge with the professional practice that is thus created.

 These NASEY students, teachers and researchers could get involved, for example, in projects for the construction and operation of facilities in secondary airports through partnerships (significant private investment and job creation), such as the project for dismantling end-of-life aircraft and recovering aircraft parts that are being developed in the sector. A project which could thus promote investments in aeronautical maintenance services.
It should be noted that within the framework of this partnership, the NASEY plans to set up diploma courses in fields related to aeronautical construction. In the short term, a specialized master's degree will be launched at the Yaoundé Polytechnic and the relevant courses will focus on industrial and mechanical engineering.
This partnership thus responds to the permanent concern of the public authorities through the Ministry of Higher Education to have a well-trained youth both theoretically and practically. And it will certainly promote technological development in aeronautics, as defined in the National Development Strategy NDS30.