Airport security: the CCAA renews partnership agreements with state services

Published: Wednesday, 22 September 2021 12:29
The Minister of Transport presided over the ceremony Thursday September 16, 2021 in the presence of officials from the administrations involved in the implementation of security measures at our airports.
Indeed, on a daily basis, at our airports, the armed forces, the gendarmerie, the Customs, the police, the intelligence services are deployed alongside the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) to implementation security measures on our various airport platforms. And each of them has a role to play.
To that effect, conventions had been signed in accordance with the National Security Programme of 2004 and 2006 between the CCAA and these partner administrations, in which the missions of the different administrations’ staff are specified. In return, the CCAA committed to train these agents to make them capable of meeting the requirements of the airport platforms and to pay them a bonus to support their administrations.
With the revision, in 2018, of the National Civil Aviation Security Programme (PNSAC) by the President of the Republic, the missions of the various actors in the security chain were reorganised.
Hence the need to update the conventions that bind the CCAA with these competent State services through the signing of these conventions. It was also an opportunity to sign the joint decision which sets fixed amounts and modalities of allocation of performance bonus to be granted to the various security agents of the partner administrations on duty at airports which host regular commercial flights. 
In his speech, the Minister of Transport enjoined everyone to work together in a spirit of teamwork for the good of the Cameroonian air space.

 The Minister of Defence Joseph BETI ASSOMO, the Secretary of State for the Gendarmerie Galax ETOGA, the Secretary General of the General Delegation of National Security (GDNS), the Divisional Commissioner BAYA Dominique, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Finance Paul TASONG TCHOUTANG, the Director General of External Research Maxime EKO EKO, all personally signed these conventions and the joint decision. 
It should be noted that within the framework of these conventions, the CCAA has provided training over the last five years in various fields such as Basic Civil Aviation Security, Cargo and postal security, X-ray imaging and security crisis management to 877 GDNS personnel, 710 national gendarmerie personnel, 648 customs personnel, 98 personnel of the Directorate General of External Research (DGER) Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DTS) personnel at the Douala, Yaounde-Nsimalen and Garoua international airports. In the same vein, the CCAA has paid performance bonuses to these same personnel for a cumulative amount of one billion five hundred million CFA francs over the last five years. 
Despite the scarcity of resources following the COVID 19 pandemic, the CCAA has taken into account the airports of Maroua, NGaoundéré and Bafoussam, in addition to Douala, Yaounde-Nsimalen and Garoua for the granting of performance bonuses to staff of partner administrations.