VIP traveller processing (departure and arrival)

Published: Saturday, 28 August 2021 17:26
An efficient VIP treatment circuit has been set up to ensure that VIPs travel with peace of mind and are well received on their return home.
A safe journey for the various VIPs or their welcome necessarily involves preparing the journey and anticipating certain formalities related to security measures. Thus, body-guards, protocol officers or any other person in charge of VIP travel coordination must follow certain procedures and practicalities set up by the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA), such as obtaining an access badge and, at the airport counter, where hostesses of the Cameroon Airport Company must be brought into play in the arrival of the travelling VIP and during these formalities.
This also applies to the reception of delegations. All structures involved in the reception of guests must make arrangements for access before the day indicated with the CCAA.
Moreover, it should be noted that, the obtaining of an access badge to the airport only comes after having addressed a request at least 72H before the date of the journey to the Director General of the CCAA while copying the airport commander. And, the withdrawal is done at the airport security office.
As a reminder, two types of badges exist, the visitor's badge (intended for accompanying persons (heads of cabinets, protocol, bodyguards, drivers, journalists, event hostesses, cameramen) of personalities travelling), and the service badge (issued to persons and administrations on duty at the airport).
For more information, download the attached VIP awareness leaflet
Awareness leaflet