2022: Collective commitment of managers to continuously improve the performance of the CCAA

Published: Wednesday, 16 March 2022 15:16
This is what has emerged from the exchanges between the various CCAA officials gathered on Thursday, February 17, 2022 during the "Team Building Day" organized in the premises of the CCAA Training School in Nsimalen.
In place of the traditional strategic retreat that has often been organized for managers of the CCAA, the new concept called «Team Building Day» launched this year was a moment of communion, sharing, openness and relaxation.
It was a matter of giving the floor to everyone, that is to the directors, deputy directors and the heads of structures in the presence of the Director General.
Everyone thus had the opportunity to review their greatest satisfactions (professional or performance-related CCAA) for 2021, the difficulties encountered and the possible solutions envisaged for improving CCAA’s performance.
Overall, the resilient spirit of the CCAA was lauded by all. Despite the occurrence of the covid-19 pandemic, jobs have remained stable within the institution. And, in unison, managers were satisfied with the numerous achievements recorded by the CCAA to be proud of in 2021, such as the construction of the Training School, the Emergency Operations Centre, the patrol road and the Yaoundé Nsimalen airport ring road.
At the end of the meeting, several recommendations were made and the Director General invited all managers to focus on staff discipline. According to her, all devious staff should be sanctioned and not protected.
It should be noted that throughout this day of exchanges, the CCAA managers were entitled to several relaxation workshops (table tennis, table football, massage and respiratory gymnastics). For the happiness of all.