Preservation of aeronautical easements and securing of airfields

Published: Thursday, 23 June 2022 18:41
Two experts of the CCAA gave a presentation on the Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) to be respected on June 21, 2022 in the knowledge sharing and aeronautical culture promotion platform dubbed "AERIAL Tuesdays".
Indeed OLS are defined in decree N°0007/A/MINT of June 10, 2019 as surfaces used for the establishment of aeronautical easements for clearance, in accordance with the requirements of Law n°2013/010 of 24th of July 2013 to lay down civil aviation regulations in Cameroon. They define a volume of airspace, up to fifteen (15) kilometers around aerodromes, representing their zone of impact on their environment, of which it is necessary to maintain free of any obstacle in order to ensure the safety of air operations on these aerodromes. Non-compliance with these surfaces restrictions, constitutes a safety risk and requires the removal of the obstacles.
Also, in the implementation of its missions, the CCAA has engaged, since 2018, in campaigns with the decentralized territorial communities to raise awareness about the existence of aeronautical easements and the need to protect them. The first returns from these activities are promising, particularly in the city of Douala, where the constraints related to the operation of airfields are taken into account more by the Urban Community when issuing urban planning permits.
It should be noted that these proactive activities also have the advantage of avoiding any inconvenience and economic losses resulting from the destruction of buildings or other structures erected in these volumes of air space.
Still in line with the awareness campaign activities, the "AERIAL Tuesdays" session of June 21, 2022 was an opportunity for Mrs. Avomo Assoumou Paule KOKI, Director General of the CCAA, to reiterate that the CCAA intends to pursue these awareness campaigns on the preservation of aeronautical easements, especially in the cities of Yaoundé and Bafoussam where urban pressure is increasingly felt.
The Director General also reminded the audience that ignorance of the requirements for limiting and removing obstacles in the vicinity of aerodromes is an exogenous risk factor that must be controlled. For this reason, she invited all CCAA staff to work closely with all stakeholders to improve the safety of Cameroonian civil aviation.