The Aeronautical Information Publication System in Cameroon

Published: Thursday, 07 July 2022 13:31

To coordinate and harmonize the safety of international civil aviation operations, ICAO recommends to its 193 Member States, including Cameroon, the Publication of Aeronautical Information (AIP) for national and international aircraft operators. This topic was center stage on July 5, 2022, during the weekly technical knowledge sharing session of the CCAA.

Indeed, to enable an aircraft operator to comply with restrictions and prevent hazards that he may encounter in the airspace, it is necessary to make available some essential information.  AIP is one of many aeronautical information products that respond to this need.

Worth noting its publication is as per ICAO standards and the national regulations in force (Order 1301, 1303, Instruction 1298, Circular 059, and the procedure SEGC.AIM.PRO.002 organizing its updating at the CCAA).

The AIP contains administrative information and explanations on airspace use and airfield/heliport use.

Thus, the CCAA (in the airports of Bafoussam, Bamenda, Bertoua, Maroua, and Ngaoundere) and ASECNA (in the international airports of Cameroon) respectively make available to operators, especially pilots, volumes of documents that contain essential and durable information, including the AIPs, on an open-access digital platform.

Failure to update the AIP could lead to malfunctions in civil aviation operations and even cause financial losses. For instance, a civil aviation operator who does not know the certification status of an aerodrome may develop no interest in exploring a given destination, for example, Cameroon. Also, an operator without information on aeronautical fee requirements updates may wind up defaulting payments on arrival.

For this reason, the CCAA ensures the timely verification and validation of all requests for AIP publication. The company also works in synergy with ASECNA to sustain the availability of this fundamental source of aeronautical data and information publication at all times for civil aviation operators, hence safeguarding a safer and more attractive Cameroon destination.

It is worth noting that other aeronautical information products contribute to the efficiency of civil aviation operations. These include the Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC), Aeronautical Charts, and Notice To Air Men (NOTAM).