Raising stakeholders' and neighboring residents' awareness of Ngaoundéré airport's security and preservation.

Published: Monday, 18 July 2022 19:08
Following the classification of this airport domain by presidential decree of July 2, 2022, the Director General of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) organized a consultation on the airport's preservation. The said consultation brought together concerned parties on Thursday, July 14, 2022, at the town hall of the city of Ngaoundéré in the presence of the Senior Divisional Officer of Vina Mr. Yves Bernard Awounfack Alienou.
During this sensitization meeting, stakeholders and partners were informed of the Ngaoundéré airport domain's reserved status. The Presidential decree states that the land with a total area of 351 hectares 50 acres 65 square meters, housing the facilities of the Ngaoundéré airport at the places known as "airport district", "Mbidjoro" and "Selbe Darang" in the district of Ngaoundé 2, Vina department, has been classified as an artificial public domain of the state since July 2, 2022. A classification worth partial and/or total expropriation of certain land titles and the lands in the course of registration in the land base of this airport domain.
Implications of the presidential decree were explained. It was made known to those who lost their rights and/or whose property was destroyed as part of work to secure the installations of the classification that they will be compensated. During the awareness session, the decree of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, signed on June 20, 2022, concerning compensation for victims called to liberate this site was read and explained.
According to the Senior Divisional Officer of Vina, the local commission has started doing some work already. The said commission conducted victims’ identification and calculation of compensation. He added that there will be continuous ground monitoring, sensitization, and evaluation of all those who have settled unduly on the airport domain, after the decree and despite the first phase of the census.
 He then invited all actors to dialogue and full involvement in everything happening around the airport. And he urged the mayor to involve the CCAA in the commission in charge of establishing the building-permit, to avoid erecting constructions that could disrupt air navigation.
The Director General of the CCAA took this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders involved in securing the airport domain and she presented the action plan for compensation. She went on, to pledge the integration of the compensation plan into the 2023 and 2024 budgets.
She also took the opportunity to present and launch the first phase of the project to secure the airport site by installing a plant fence over 5 kilometers before the installation of the metal fence. The project will materialize the limits of the plot and hire local youth labor.
While the CCAA provides operational and air navigation services at the Ngaoundéré airport, the Cameroon Airport Company (ADC) manages the airport with it’s 2700 meters long runway.
Worth noting also is that before this meeting, the Director General of the CCAA had a working session with her staff, visited the airport facilities, and installed the newly appointed commander of the Ngaoundere airport.
The Director General and some of her collaborators also took this opportunity to visit the Lamido of Ngaoundere, accompanied by the Senior Divisional Officer of Vina.