Compensation of Residents of Ngaoundéré Airport

Published: Wednesday, 25 October 2023 04:57
The first phase of the distribution of compensation cheques to those affected by the Ngaoundéré Airport clearance process took place from October 16-18, 2022, in the presence of the Senior Divisional Officer of Vina, Mr. AWOUNFAC ALIENOU.

Members of the compensation commission

This operation is part of the final phase of securing the airport zone, initiated by the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) in collaboration with the administrative, municipal, and traditional authorities of Ngaoundéré.
Indeed, some residents who have illegally settled on the airport domain are being called upon to vacate the premises as part of this security operation. Having lost their land rights and their property destroyed, they are being compensated in accordance with the criteria of crops, the nature of the buildings, and the size of the land title.

Victims of loss of land rights and destruction of property
During the first phase, 159 people received a total of 140 million CFA francs in compensation, in accordance with a decree signed by the Prime Minister on June 20, 2022. The total amount of payment is estimated at 250 million CFA francs. Priority was given to crops and buildings that had been assessed.
The second phase of the compensation process will be paid in 2024 and will benefit land title holders, for a total of 110 million CFA francs.

Beneficiaries are invited to leave the airport area
It is worth noting that before the cheques were handed over to the families, the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) of the Vina division addressed the residents and reminded them of the various steps that had preceded the distribution of cheques. These steps included multiple visits to the sites with the local chiefs to raise awareness and identify problematic areas. The S.D.O said that the cheque distribution ceremony marked the end of the process to secure the airport zone, which had been illegally occupied by residents of Selbe-Darang and Mbidjoro in the Ngaoundéré 2nd district.
The Prefect also stressed the need for these illegal residents to leave the site once they had received their cheques. He said that this was for their own safety, as "in the event of a malfunction, the damage could be considerable."
For those whose rights and property were not included in the compensation decree, the SDO invited them to submit requests for committee review.
The next stage on the ground will be the demolition of buildings in the airport zone.
Translated by Mireille GALABE
Assistant Research Officer/Public Relations Unit