Certification of the Yaounde-Nsimalen and Douala International Aerodromes (APEX Initial Review)

Published: Friday, 23 December 2016 10:08

Cameroon is firmly committed to the certification process of her International Airports, particularly for Yaounde-Nsimalen and Douala.

It is in this perspective that the international airports of Yaounde-Nsimalen and Douala have been retained by the ACI to receive funding from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for the implementation of the ACI Program for Airport Excellence (APEX).

To this end, an initial APEX review was conducted by Experts retained by the ICA from November 21st to December 02nd 2016 and looked at the following aspects:

  • Runway safety;

  • Safety management systems;

  • Aerodrome certification;

  • Management of fauna and bird hazards;

  • Marking, signaling and lighting;

  • Rescue and firefighting service;

  • Emergency response;

  • Management of airside vehicle driving;

  • Maintenance of the movement area;

  • Management of debris / damage to foreign bodies;

  • Access to the movement area;

  • The security of aerodrome work;

  • Apron security management;

  • Management of ground handlers;

  • Improvement of AIP documentation;

  • Low/Poor visibility procedure;

  • Removal of immobilsed aircraft on the ground;

  • Management of obstacles;

  • The handling of hazardous materials.

At the end of this review, Experts interviewed the Experts of the administrations concerned and intervening in the civil aviation chain in Cameroon. For their part, the collaborators appointed by the Director General of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) took due note of the conclusions drawn from the work of the Experts who conducted the review and, as soon as they returned, drew up a report to her attention.

Marc Olivier MAMIAH