Flight Management Analyst / Revenue Management Analyst

Published: Tuesday, 18 July 2017 18:06

Looks for the best possible balance between the occupancy rate and the charges.

Develop a thorough knowledge of its market (school holidays, seasonality, customer purchasing behavior, cancellation rates, political, economic, events ...).

Profile and Requirements:

  • Spirit of analysis, synthesis and anticipation
  • Calculation and analytical skills
  • Rigor and organizational skills
  • Set for operational challenges
  • Fluency in English Language (written and oral)
  • Excellent command of office software (Excel, Word, Powerpoint ...).

Conditions of employment:
The flight analyst works at the headquarters of an airline in administrative schedules.

He or she works directly with other Revenue Management activities (Pricing, Revenue Integrity, etc.).

He / she is also in contact with the commercial services, the Program, stopover or the Marketing techniques to help refine his analyzes on the portfolio of flights.

GCE A/Level, Masters in Engineering from a renowned Institution.

Professional evolution:
Depending on its profile, performance and business needs, the flight analyst may evolve:

  • To be coordinator of a team of analysts within a geographical area (Metropolitan France, Europe, America, Africa, Asia ...).
  • To the pricing analyst function, where he will continue to work closely with flight analysts.
  • To other departments of the Marketing and Networks Directorate (Program, Marketing ...), or to other Directorates of the company (stopover, Commercial, Freight ...) depending on the internal opportunities.