International Airport Yaounde Nsimalen

Published: Friday, 11 December 2015 13:35


The airport of Yaounde-Nsimalen is located in a zone covering a surface of 12404 square kilometers. Equipped with modern facilities, this airport has the greatest growth potential of international traffic of 15,4% a year, serving, the capital, sits of the institutions administrative and political, the growth of the airport of Yaounde-Nsimalen is animated by an ambitious objective: that of an airport able to accommodate a million five hundred and thousand passengers and fifty thousand tons of freight a year.



Statute: International airport
Manager: Airports of Cameroon (ADC)
Capacity: 1,500,000 passengers and 50,000 T of freight a year; stations of parking: 14
Exploited capacity: 17%
Distance city/airport: 27 km
Climatic conditions: rains moderated from March to November; average temperature 23.5 °C;
Served areas: Center, South
Population: 2,951,356 inhabitants
Principal products with export: cigarettes, fresh food, pineapple, crafts out of wood
Principal products with the importation: textiles, electronic materials, drugs
Tourist products: Book of Dja, Campings of Pygmies, Falls of Natchigal, animals: Lions, gorillas, etc
Capacity of accommodation: 4677 beds