Garoua International Airport

Published: Friday, 11 December 2015 13:39


The airport of Garoua serves an area of thousand year old cultures covering a surface of 65,160 square kilometers. It is located in an area “crossroads” favorable to the trade flows between the republics of Chad, of Central Africa, of Nigeria and the destinations of Asia and of the Middle-East and the Middle East.

Thanks to the diversity of the tourist products of the province, this International airport claims to induce mass tourism.



Statute: International
Manager: Airports of Cameroon (ADC)
Capacity: 1,500,000 passengers and 5000 T of freight a year;
Stations of parking: 6
Exploited capacity: 4%
Climatic conditions: rains with storms from June to October. Dry season marked by a hot and dry wind (harmattan) from November to May. Temperature: 39.9 °c.
Served province: North
Population: 1,191,776 inhabitants
Principal products with export: textiles, cotton, leather, art objects
Principal products with the importation: electronic materials, textiles, drugs
Tourist products: National parks Waza, Bouba Ndjida, Benoué, Kalamaloné, Mozogo, Gokomo,
Animals all kinds: giraffes, hippopotamuses, elephants lions, Sultanate Rey Bouba;
Capacity of accommodation: 504 beds