Development of the Kribi aerodrome

Published: Tuesday, 09 March 2021 12:35
Mrs. Paule ASSOUMOU KOKI, Director General of the CCAA, was on a working visit to the seaside town on 25 February 2021 to look into possibilities of developing the aerodrome. It was also a question of discussing with the local authorities on better development prospects in the airport domain in this city.
During the working session with the First Deputy Mayor of the town of Kribi, the Director General of the Cameroon civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) expressed her wish to see the town hall accompany the CCAA in the project to make the aerodrome safe and on the development of the access road to this site. She also expressed the wished to see the local administrative and municipal authorities join their efforts alongside the CCAA, in order to extend the current airport area to 300 ha. 
In response, the First Deputy Mayor promised that her technical services will provide all the necessary support to the CCAA for the smooth running of the work to be undertaken on this aerodrome, as it is very useful to have a minimum of infrastructure. 
After this working session, the team from the CCAA visited the aerodrome in the company of the First Deputy Prefect. It was a question of assessing the existing facilities and seeing the work that is going to be undertaken so that this infrastructure could accommodate more aircrafts.
Kribi being a tourist town, if the economic operators and tourists of a certain standing know that an aerodrome exists in Kribi and that it works, they would certainly request it a little more.
Being also in a prospective vision, and to respond to one of the missions of the CCAA, namely that of preparing development plans for aviation, the Director General of the CCAA also met with Mr. Patrice MELON, General Director of the Port Authority of Kribi PAK. The aim was to present the Kribi aerodrome, which is located on 125 hectares of land in the Pongo Aviation district, essentially consisting of a laterite runway, which can accommodate small MA 60 type aircraft.

The DG of the CCAA has expressed the wish that large companies such as PAK join forces to develop this aerodrome and, under another plan, it wishes to have at least 600 ha of land reserve on the site of the planned new town, with a view to building a true modern airport in Kribi.
The CCAA’s futuristic vision and concerted approach was welcomed by the PAK, and a proposal was made to open discussions at the level of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Territorial Development (MINEPAT), to foster the idea of building a modern airport on the site in Kribi.