The CCAA at the school of procurement dematerialization

Published: Thursday, 25 March 2021 14:13
All actors of the public procurement chain of the CCAA and those of its Management Unit of the TSDP - Air Component took part in this training session from 22 to 25 March 2021 in the premises of the Training School (EFO) at the Nsimalen Airport in Yaoundé.
This training which was conducted by experts from MINMAP is the first of three steps dedicated to this project initiated by the Ministry of Public Procurement (MINMAP) of which the ultimate aim is the total dematerialization of all procurement procedures in Cameroon in the near future.

Therefore, no need to be a technician to identify the prospects that a fully dematerialized procurement system could offer Cameroon. Indeed, such a system could help save time during the collection of data and computerized processing would favour the rapid transmission of information and considerably reduce the risk of errors. 
During the training, participants were taught through presentations, simulations and practical work on topics such as the general presentation of the COLEPS the procurement software and its use, particularly for the registration of public procurement data, the launching of consultations, the submission, the reception of offers and their decoding.
A perfect mastery of the use of the procurement software will undoubtedly lead to a more secure management of documents, to more transparency in the multitudes of contracts data, to the reduction of payment deadlines and the reduction of processing costs (less paper).
This training was also attended by the Director General, Mrs. Avomo Assoumou Koki Paule, and management staff of the CCAA and the PDST.

 It should be noted that the simulations carried out during the training focused on the counting and evaluation of bids, the reception of proposals and the attribution of results, the management of appeals at the attribution stage and the production of statistics.

The first phase of this MINMAP project, which focuses on the dematerialization of procurement procedures, will take full effect by 2023. This stage will have as modules developed, the portal, e-bidding and e-statistics, all assets for a safe, efficient and fast management of contracts within the CCAA.