Authentication procedure for COVID-19 PCR tests from Cameroon

Published: Thursday, 01 April 2021 11:58
Through several communiqués recently signed by the Minister of Public Health, the public and all potential travellers have been informed of the existence of a new procedure for the performance and authentication of COVID-19 PCR tests for all travellers leaving Cameroon.
The implementation of such a procedure aims not only to verify the authenticity of the results of COVID-19 tests carried out by international travellers departing from Cameroon, but also to prevent the trafficking of false negative test certificates and thus limit the spread of COVID-19 by air.
Douala International Airport 
Referring to Communiqué N° 0323/C/MINSANTE/DRSPL/CCAB of 12 March 2021, the Regional Delegate of Public Health of the Littoral indicated the following modalities to the attention of people who have to travel internationally from Douala
- Register 72 hours before the date of travel on the web application to be screened for Covid-19;
- Passengers who have not checked in online will not be admitted to the Covid-19 screening centres;
- Only passengers who have checked in online will have access to the check-in and boarding area;
- No check-in is done directly at the Screening Centres.
Yaounde-Nsimalen International Airport 
Reference is made to Communiqué No. D13-27/MINSANTE/SG/CC/CEA2 of 15 February 2021 in which the Minister of Public Health indicates that sampling operations for screening tests for travellers are carried out at the Palais Polyvalent des Sports in Yaounde.
It should be noted that second generation bar codes (QR codes) will be affixed by the analysis laboratories on the results of the COVID-19 tests of travellers. And, the results of COVID-19 tests carried out by travellers departing from Yaounde-Nsimalen International Airport will be verified and authenticated via the said QR codes by the health personnel.