CCAA sensitises its partner administrations on security culture

Published: Tuesday, 24 May 2022 17:01
 Led by the Directorate of Security and Facilitation, the said campaign started on May 23, 2022 at Bafoussam Airport and continues today at Douala International Airport.
It is a question of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority reminding the partner administrations at these airports that security is not only the business of the CCAA, but that it is "everybody's business". It was therefore necessary that all administrations involved in security integrate this culture in their daily behaviour, actions and gestures.
Given that ICAO has made 2021 the year of the "security culture", it was recommended that all countries carry out awareness campaigns on the issue. This campaign organised  at airport platforms is therefore a continuation of the actions started in 2021 by the CCAA.
One of the presentations of the campaign defined key themes such as security and security culture, as well as the requirements to be observed in the behaviour of all parties in the airport environment, including users.
Furthermore, the tools to be used by these relays to raise awareness of this culture were also presented. Thus, after this training, several materials (notes, flyers, spots ...) would be designed and, training, meetings, educational talks will be organized at the different administrations so that staff and users are all in phase regarding security and security culture. 
In the end, this session will enable everyone to be empowered with more skills and to continue to effectively carry out their security mission in the face of the various threats to civil aviation.
During this awareness campaign, the new partnership agreements between the CCAA and its partner administrations, namely the gendarmerie, the police, the customs and the DGRE, will also be explained.
Subsequently, security awareness panels will be put up by the CCAA at certain points of these airports.