Mid-term evaluation of TSDP infrastructures financed by the World Bank

Published: Tuesday, 20 September 2022 15:21

Franz Drees-Gross, Regional Director of Infrastructure of the World Bank, paid a visit to the TSDP-Air Component financed by this financial institution in Cameroon on September 15, 2022, at Yaounde-Nsimalen.

This visit enabled Mrs. Paule Avomo Assoumou spouse KOKI, Director General of the CCAA, to present all the activities undertaken by the CCAA within the framework of the TSDP- Air Component and carry out a mid-term evaluation of the said work sites. Thus, giving a sense of completed projects and those yet to be completed.


The contracts completed and received in Yaounde include:

-The bypass road of the Yaounde-Nsimalen International Airport over a distance of 14.36 kilometers, a process which entailed the destruction and reconstruction of houses within the framework of the implementation of the summary resettlement plan (SRP),

-The construction of the Emergency Operations Centre of the Yaounde-Nsimalen International Airport, consisting of a building of type G+3 with a basement, built on a surface area of 1796 m2,

-The pavement of the patrol road and the rehabilitation of the security fence around the Yaounde international airport.

In Maroua, there is the construction works of the Emergency Operations Centre, a two-storey building on a surface area of 2 hectares. This work is at an 85% execution rate and should be complete in November 2022.

The construction site of Garoua is at 79% and should be complete by November 2022.

Regarding social and community infrastructures endeavors for the benefit of the populations living in the vicinity of the airports of Yaounde-Nsimalen, Douala, Garoua, and Maroua, one can cite classrooms, comfort stations, boreholes, the rehabilitation of health centers, and the supply of furniture (white tables, desks, and chairs).

In summary, after visiting the various sites in Yaounde, the World Bank official said he was satisfied with the progress of the work, despite the inconvenience caused by the Covid-19 health crisis, which had a significant impact on the timeframe of the said work.

It is worth noting that all these works are within the framework of a financing agreement of CFAF 30 billion from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) to the state of Cameroon. The State of Cameroon retroceded the grant to the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA), the executing agency of the Air Component of the Transport Sector Development Project (TSDP).

The project has many objectives. It aims to strengthen safety and security in 4 selected international airports in Cameroon (Douala, Yaounde, Garoua, and Maroua). The project strives to achieve compliance with safety and security standards set by the ICAO. More so, it contributes to the improvement of aviation security control systems and strengthens the capacities of the CCAA in planning, developing, and managing air transport.

We recall that within the framework of the improvement of the safety and security of air transport, the TSDP - Air Component has to its credit the procurement, installation, and commissioning of security equipment and the construction of the Emergency Operations Centre (CDOU), of which that of Douala is functional.

The Director General of the CCAA urged all stakeholders to monitor the remaining works and endeavor to meet deadlines. Completion of works is slated for June 2024.