CCAA raises awareness of land use compatibility around airports

Published: Friday, 16 September 2022 12:45

 Achieving harmony in integrating an aerodrome in its immediate environment is the utmost objective in land exploitation planning around airports. Hence, emphasis on safety and environmental issues is inherent in aircraft operation.

The aim is to meet the requirements of the aerodrome, those of the local communities, and the local environment. Restrictions to comply with, amongst others, may include the following:

The aeronautical easements of clearance, prescribed by law N°2013/010 of July 24, 2013, defining the area around aerodromes and regulate the height of buildings and installations therein;

The protection surfaces of radio-electric aids to air navigation respected to avoid any interference or jamming;

The risk of attracting animals (especially birds) by certain types of activities carried out around airports;

The risk to the health of local populations from exposure to aircraft noise; and

Light sources on an aerodrome which could constitute a safety risk to flights if they bedazzle the pilot. A case in point is sunlight's reflections on surfaces like solar panel fields.

More so, we have the circular N°000012/C/CCAA/DG of August 12, 2022, signed by Madame Director General of the CCAA, relating to the compatible use of land in the vicinity of aerodromes. This circular takes into account the foregone restrictions. It could be an essential guide to aerodrome operators, competent administrations, and decentralized local authorities in charge of urban planning and environmental issues. The ultimate end is to achieve a concerted effort in planning land use in the vicinity of aerodromes.

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