Air transport: The sector's actors consult on the quality of services offered to users

Published: Tuesday, 08 November 2022 16:27
Within the framework of a forum on the quality of services offered to air transport users in Cameroon starting November 8, 2022, in Douala, the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority CCAA is meeting with these actors.
During the four days of the event, all participants will work together to seek ways to reduce the hassles often recorded, protect the rights of passengers and implement environmental rules in Cameroon's airports. 
These and other concerns are at the heart of this forum, organized by the  CCAA. 
At its ninth edition, the gathering involves the direct actors of air transport (companies, regulatory authorities, etc.) and the administrations in charge of trade, health, security, customs, and others.
 Mr. AKKUM RITZENTELAR CHINANGA, Head of the Air Transport Division, is the representative of the Director General of the CCAA. In his opening speech, he recalled that the quality of service is becoming increasingly important in the development and competitiveness of our air transport system. Thus the necessity to pay attention to "quality of service", to make this mode of travel the preferred choice of local and international travelers in this post-Covid-19 recovery period.
 He added that "continuous improvement is at the heart of the survival of the civil aviation system.
For four day span of the forum, participants will aim to evaluate the quality of services offered by each actor in the chain, including airlines, airport managers, air navigation service providers, administrations in charge of trade, health, sports, security, customs, among others, and the regulator-the CCAA.
Activities of the forum will close on Friday, November 11, 2022, with the adoption of the final report and recommendations.