Cameroon's participation at the ICAO (ICAN 2022) event in Abuja, Nigeria.

Published: Thursday, 15 December 2022 08:01
Cameroon has participated in the fourteenth (14th) ICAO Conference on the negotiation of the Air Services Agreement (ICAN) 2022 hosted by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority from 5 to 9 December 2022 in Abuja, Nigeria.
It provided States with a central meeting place to conduct air services negotiations and consultations, as well as networking for policymakers, regulators, air operators, service providers, and other stakeholders. 
This edition was a great success, with Sixty-three (63) states attending, bringing with them 441 participants who held several negotiation meetings, and facilitated arrangements. 
Cameroon's delegation was composed of representatives from the Ministry of Transport, that of Foreign Affairs, Camair co, ADC together with experts from the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority. 
In a bid to push for stronger collaboration between ICAO member states to which Cameroon belongs, the need to improve air connectivity among countries was materialized by nine (09) encounters with an outcome of a newly negotiated and initialed BASA (Bilateral Air Services Agreement) with Cabo Verde, and three existing BASA were revised and initialed with Senegal, Morocco, and Togo. Meanwhile, discussions were furthered with Nigeria and Gabon.
Talks were initiated for three new relations with Oman, Finland, and Tanzania, and it is hoped that the discussions would be fruitful.
Conferences like this would help open the world and connect the entire route by air for the aviation sector would play the role it ought to play in the global economy. Next year's rendezvous, the fifteenth (15th) is slated for Saudi Arabia.