CCAA and AAMAC sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the supervision of air navigation services

Published: Tuesday, 09 May 2023 15:50

Mrs Paule AVOMO ASSOUMOU KOKI, Director General of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA), and Mr SADOU MARAFA, Executive Secretary of the African and Malagasy Civil Aviation Authorities (AAMAC), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the supervision of Air Navigation Services (ANS) on the 27 March 2023 in Yaounde.

By establishing a framework for collaboration between the CCAA and AAMAC, this MoU defines the areas of cooperation and sets the conditions for the execution of technical tasks in the supervision of certain air navigation services provided for the benefit of Cameroon.
Indeed, in accordance with the Regional Air Navigation Plan of the African-Indian Ocean Region, Cameroon has the particularity of belonging to the flight information regions and the search and rescue regions of Brazzaville and N'Djamena. As such, some air navigation services such as en-route control of aircraft flying over certain parts of Cameroonian airspace are provided from centres in neighbouring countries. Consequently, these centres must be supervised by the CCAA.

Specifically, the AAMACs shall henceforth carry out, on behalf of the CCAA, the supervision of air navigation services provided on behalf of Cameroon from organizations located in Chad, Congo and Senegal respectively. And, the organizations concerned by this delegation include the Area Control Centres (ACC) in N'Djamena and Brazzaville, the Rescue Coordination Centres (RCC) in N'Djamena and Brazzaville, as well as the ASECNA flight procedure design department located in Dakar.

As a reminder, AAMAC is a Regional Safety Oversight Organization (RSOO) created following a treaty signed in 2012 by seventeen (17) ASECNA Member States. This RSOO assists its Member States in meeting their obligations regarding safety oversight of ANS providers, through the harmonization of regulations and oversight practices, and the pooling of available resources.

On the sidelines of this activity, the Executive Secretary of AAMAC and the Director General of CCAA exchanged on the formalization of a cooperation framework in the field of training of States' inspectors, particularly those belonging to the AAMAC pool. It should be noted that the CCAA Training School has organized four (04) training courses for ANS inspectors to the benefit of AAMACs in the fourth quarter of 2022.