Air transport: the quality of services offered to users at the heart of a consultation in Douala

Published: Thursday, 16 November 2023 08:55
It was within the framework of the forum on the quality of services offered to air transport users in Cameroon organized by the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority beginning November 14, 2023, in the premises of its Training School Centre in Douala in the presence of representatives of airlines and several key players in the sector.
For four days, the participants in this conclave will be working together to find ways of reducing all the inconveniences and problems often experienced by passengers in Cameroon airports. And how to protect their rights.
Stakeholders (ASECNA; ADC; airlines; operators; CCAA, airport authorities) will address issues such as airport facilitation measures, passenger rights, the fight against the informal sector in airports, etc.

Indeed, poor quality services offered to users at our airports can lead to consequences such as delays, flight cancellations, lost baggage (or damaged baggage), and sometimes even an unpleasant journey. This situation sometimes leads to a decline in competitiveness for operators decreased traffic and increased costs. 

For this reason, Mr Ritzentelar Akum, Director of Air Transport, representing the Director General of the CCAA, reminded participants at the opening of the importance of the quality of services offered to users in the competitiveness of the Cameroon civil aviation industry and the need for collaboration between the stakeholders. 
At the end of the proceedings, recommendations will be made towards improving the quality of services provided to passengers and operators.
As a reminder, recent data from the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority’s (CCAA) quality department reveal that the average user satisfaction rate was 81.9% for air transport services in 2022. In addition, the same survey found a user satisfaction rate of 100% for implementing security and access control measures at Yaoundé airports.
To date, some twenty airlines serve Cameroon alongside the national carrier Camair-Co.

Mireille GALABE