Election of the Chairman and Vice-Chairs of the 3rd Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels in Dubai

Published: Wednesday, 22 November 2023 19:27
On 21 November 2023, Mr Viliame Gavoga, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation of Fiji, Ms Paule Assoumou Koki, Director General of the Cameroon Aviation Authority, and Mr Mauricio Ramirez, representing Colombia, were elected Chairman, First Vice-Chairman and Second Vice-Chairman respectively of this high-level conference organised by ICAO.
The selection of Ms KOKI reflects her involvement in ICAO meetings and exceptional leadership in African aviation. She was Chair of the Air Traffic Services Sub-Group of the African Planning and Implementation Group (APIRG), then Vice-Chair in 2021, and finally elected Chair in 2023.


At the global level, the Director General of the CCAA was 2nd Vice-Chair of the Technical Commission at the 39th ICAO Assembly held in 2016, then 1st Vice-Chair of the Administrative Commission at the 40th Assembly in 2019.
The crucial CAAF 3 conference on alternative fuels has an expert trio who can guide the discussions and reach a consensus on productive initiatives and states' commitment to transition successfully to alternative energy sources in aviation.

Mireille GALABE